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FIrst mover.



Thank you for your short comment.

I believe that Netflix' first mover advantage accounts for less than 10% of its success to date.


While normally I don't believe this way, in this case I think Netflix has been able to take advantage of the 'right place at the right time.' They offer an 8-disc-at-a-time option (Walmart's largest offering I think was 4), and virtually simultaneously to Netflix's rise to glory, the breaking of DVD copy protection and a steady drop in blank, single-sided DVD media has likely drawn new (DVD-burning-enthusiast) subscribers like moths to a light. I speculate you could yank these subscribers pretty quickly if you offered more simulatenous disc rentals at a comparable price (and an even faster transition as your subscription price drops), with a comparable available title selection and customer service, of course. Netflix has definitely done the right things to stay on top, though. They are not blind to the realities listed above, and apparently don't have many qualms with taking advantage of it all while maintaining their market share. I've been a member for years and still can't say anything bad about them.

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